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Taiyo was founded in 2001 to capitalize on the significant investment opportunities in the Japanese market by utilizing the strategic consulting, investment management, Japanese language and operational skills of the original founding partners. While Taiyo continues to be excited about and deeply committed to opportunities in Japan, we also see opportunities to take our successful model from Japan to the rest of Asia. Taiyo currently invests approximately $2.1bn in private and smaller cap public companies in Asia.


Taiyo has roughly 20 investment professionals in addition to the original founding partners. About three-fourths of these professionals are native to the Asian countries they cover and the rest have all spent extensive time working in Asia and speak the local language fluently. Our professionals have a wide range of Investment Banking, Consulting, Private Equity, and Equity Research experience which enables Taiyo to protect, unlock, and create value within our portfolio companies. All of our investment professionals spend a significant amount of time in Asia.

Brian K. Heywood

Brian K. HeywoodCo-Chief Executive OfficerDetails

Michael A. King, CFA

Michael A. King, CFAChief Investment OfficerDetails