Taiyo Helps Companies Maximize Their Firm Value

We engage with senior management of our portfolio companies to protect, unlock, and create long-term value in three basic areas: Reputation, Financial, and Business. We work to earn the trust of management and to provide them with ideas, analysis, and tools that will enhance their decision making and give them increased confidence to make bold decisions.

Corporate Governance

  • Board of Directors
  •    -  Independence
  •    -  Size
  • Alignment with Shareholders Interests
  •    -  Poison pills
  •    -  Stock Options
  • Shareholder Rights
  • Executive Compensation
  • Proxy Issues

Investor Relations

  • Improve Disclosure
  • Increase Analyst Coverage
  • Better Understand Investors
  • Proactively Interact with Investors
  • Tell Company Story Clearly
  • Increase Credibility with the Street
  • Improve Forecast Accuracy

Business Strategy

  • Evaluation of Segments/Subsidiaries
  • Enhanced Growth
  • M & A Advisory
  • Public vs. Private Decision


  • Production Efficiency
  • Business Process
  • Personnel Issues

Financial Strategy

  • Optimal Capital Structure
  • Capital Efficiency
  • Dividend Policy
  • Share Buybacks / Cancellations